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4 Reasons You Should Follow My New YouTube Channel

So guess what…I’m finally on YouTube. I’m a Vlogger. Yay for growth with a side of nervousness. We should be virtual besties. Deal?

Now here are some reasons you should be following my page:

1. Its Really Real and You Can Probably Relate

As many of you already know, I’m a mom, wife, daughter, school psychologist, entrepreneur, friend and a plethora of other things. By this point, I’m assuming we’re kindred spirits as a lot of you share many of these same roles. I will detail the real struggles, wins and losses of balancing it all the things on the quest of having it ALL while “attempting” to maintain my sanity.

2. Win-Win Situation

There is no explanation needed for this one. Once I hit 1,000 YouTube Subscribers I will host a huge giveaway including Copper and Brass Paper Goods products and also a Visa Gift card but here’s the catch—You Must Subscribe. The fun doesn’t stop there Y’all. There will be regular giveaways and promo codes too so make sure you stay tuned.

3. I Read and Respond to Comments

I get so many questions about business, social media, inventory, vendors, etc. YouTube is where I will answer your questions and provide lots of helpful tips and resources. There will be no more business discussions in my DMs. If you’re not following you’ll miss out on FAQ


4. Pretty Little Details

Plain and simple, our products are cute AND I’m hosting Christmas in July really soon. Lots of gift wrapping, plan with me sessions using planners, stickers, notepads and all things cute. See how I package orders and order custom packaging. Oh it’ll be super fun Yall.

By now you should be running to the subscribe button. Hit your bell notification for updates too. I’m excited for whats to come? What about you?

Follow Here:

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