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Black Woman You Deserve EVERY GOOD THING...Stop Thinking You Dont

Do you find yourself thinking of ways you'd love to indulge yourself?

Do you think about luxury goods you'd like to have in your collection or in your closet?

Do you think about indulgent spa treatments or self-care practices you would like to incorporate into your weekly routine?

Just face it...being a Black Women has NEVER been easy. So often we give so much to others and save only a tiny bit for self. We are pouring from empty cups. We wake up knowing that each day is yet another day when so much is expected of us and we have little to expect from others.

We just go, go, go...until we crash. No longer are we allowing ourselves to try to do everything—not every issue is going to get solved today and definitely all issues won't be resolved by us.

Those days are over. It is time we use our voices, take back our rightful place in the world, speak up and say exactly what we need and desire. There has to be balance.

As Black Women, we are very deserving and we should celebrate ourselves-it is our right and we have to stop second guessing our worth. As Black Women we often question our "needs" or "wants" based on what society has said we should have or not have.

Well our time is now...We are over the stereotypes of Black Women and over the idea that we are "less than" and deserve the leftovers. If it is accessible to us...then we can have that which you desire.

We work so hard for the life we live. We must now learn to take some time and appreciate the very things that make us happy. By the way, luxury doesn’t always mean “expensive things” it’s just about the state of great comfort. Our idea of self-care and luxury looks different for each of us. Maybe it is having a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood daily, a weekly chat with your therapist, a bottle of wine, or a $1,200 pair of brand new pumps. Whatever you deserve it and so much more.

Remember no one can give you what you feel you deserve but you. Tell me how you plan on treating yourself soon...What are you going to do for you?

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