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Does Time Away Solve Problems?

I'm guilty of saying, "I need a getaway." AND most of the time...I need something but I'm really not sure if the getaway is what is truly needed.

We hear people proclaim they need time away quite often so we politely smile, give a head nod and move on. What we must focus on is that when people are saying they crave time away this could be the indication of a mental health need or even an emotional breakdown.

Raise your hand if you are guilty. โœ‹๐Ÿฟ

When I'm in this "getaway" mood. I allow myself to "feel all the feelings". I sit in that spirit for awhile and "let the emotions-emotion". I then ask myself, "What am I trying to escape? How can getting away benefit me? Will it benefit me?"

At the end of the day, whatever we are leaving when we head out on the getaway will still be there waiting for us when we return. We have to face our issues head on in order to resolve them. Yes we all need time away but when it's an escape mechanism the getaway can lead to mounting stress and worry. Who really wants to be on the beach sipping margaritas but worried about the upcoming meeting on Monday? I don't. Vacations are expensive and should be enjoyed.

My family and I take our fair share of vacations. We enjoy doing life together but we enjoy the going away aspect of trips not running away=getting away. There is a huge difference. Running from problems doesn't solve them. It just makes coming back to reality suck more. Running and masking problems is dangerous. Take charge of your life. Make the decisions to stop running and address the issues.

Remember the hard things lead to the good things.


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