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Don't Let The Pandemic Cause You to Abandon Your Health and Wellbeing

As everyone has said, we are in unprecedented times. For the career mom, this is an exceptionally draining time. You are now in charge of educating your children, maintaining work production, and feeding your family every night. As the stress continues to rise during the stay-at-home orders, don’t let your health and wellbeing go.

Here are tips on how you can stay be physically and mentally healthy during this time.

1. Change Others Expectations

Yes, everything is roaring around you, but you need to take a break. That means some things are going to be left undone and it’s ok. Let your boss or clients and family know that you have limits. You can’t be expected to continue running at 100% like usual.

2. Get Outside of Your House

While there may not be any stores or restaurants to go to, you still need to get out of your house. Take a walk or bike ride every day. Even if it is still cold where you live, get outside for the mental break. Right now, your entire world is happening in your home. You need a break from that.

3. Take Vitamins

As stores continue to stay stocked, you have to change your normal menu. If you aren’t already taking vitamins, add them to your daily routine. Your body needs extra nutrition now more than ever.

Do what you need to have the mental break and physical release your body needs during this time. It is very easy to let yourself become engrossed in the needs around you that you forget your own. Your family and work needs for you to remain healthy during this time. So, do what you need to in order to make that happen.

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