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Finding Clarity

Life is busy and it gets hectic. We have never ending to-do lists and often times we are just so overwhelmed that we become burned out. The burn out wreaks havoc on our personal lives, family, work and business. We go through feelings of angst, nervousness, hopelessness and definitely confusion as we try to figure out our next move. It is in these moments when we must seek CLARITY. To overcome the burnout and feelings of overwhelm we must find CLARITY or we will continue to spiral out of control and continue going around and around in circles. If you are hoping to start a new career, launch a business, write a blog or start a podcast-check out my tips for finding clarity and eliminating stress.

1. You need to think, process and most importantly pause. Just think about it: Anytime you need to find a solution or trouble arises the first thing you need to do is press pause on the situation. This is the worse time to stress yourself out and further confuse yourself. A brief pause of a day or two allows your mind to change from problem focused to solution focused. This is called being Pro Active and not Reactive.

2. During your pause take the time to journal, meditate or color. These things will bring you relief from the stressful situation. The worries of the day or even that growing to-do list can wait. You need to do things that are pleasing to your mind, heart and soul.

3. Now you have to dig deep and pinpoint that original feeling of uneasiness. Why did you feel this way? What triggerd the feelings?

4. It's time to brainstorm! You've identified what it is you want clarity about and what it is that has caused stress or overwhelm about the situation. Now brainstorm all the ways that you can eliminate stress and overwhelm and find clarity. What would help you become more clear? What steps could you take to avoid stress? Weigh the pros and cons of each idea you came up with.

5. Now it's time to plan it all out and take action. You've done the hard work and found some solutions that will help you find and maintain clarity. Now it's time to choose the best solutions from your list. Prioritize your list and then create a plan to carry out each solution. Remember, it's only a list until you add some action to it and clarity takes action!

How do you find clarity? Please share in the comments below.

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