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How I Manage "Mom Life" or Should I Say How it Manages Me

Well it starts with Coffee...but in all honesty having kids, working and managing a home makes life a bit crazy! There are a lot of things that make life easier. If you aren’t doing everything you can to simplify- things can get crazy stressful.

I use my calendar a lot. I have calendars everywhere. Digital calendars with reminders set, a pocket calendar for my purse, a desk planner in my home and work offices, and a huge calendar in the kitchen to keep track of everyone's schedule. Mommy's command center always starts with a calendar. I track appointments, practices, activities, and even meal plan.

I don't think I could function without a calendar, planner, or both. I'm a big paper planner girll but digital helps when I'm on the go. As a School Psychologist, I'm always in my car so digital is definitely the way to go in these moments.

This is a duh.... But Schedules help me A Whole Lot

As much as possible my family tries to stick to our strict schedule. We don't deviate a lot from our schedule as it throws us all off . Keeping the schedule helps my son and affords my husband and I to have moments together and even alone time. Schedules are good because it keep adults and kids alike in the loop of what's to come.

Routine: This goes right along with schedules. Routines are KEY here! We have the same routines for everything and even when we travel we keep our routines as close to the same as we can. My son even knows he is in charge of the snack bag and drinks for road trips. I feel like this has really helped us out a lot because my son adjust to things much easier.

Preparing ahead of time: We wash and iron clothes on the weekend, lay out the work and school clothes, and pack lunches at night. This helps tremendously with getting out the house in the morning and also assist with after school too. I dont like feeling rushed and pressured.

How do you make life easier? How do you stay ahead of the chaos? Let me know.

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