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Introducing The Copper and Brass Paper Pusher Crew 2023

The Copper and Brass Paper Pusher Crew is made up of creative melanated women from around the USA who have a passion for all things related to stationery, paper goods, and cute trinkets. There are 7 crew members.

We are completely BLOWN away with excitement for the opportunity to work with these ladies as they share with our community how they incorporate Copper and Brass products into their day to day lives.

Check out all the Beautiful faces! AND make sure you show them some love on social media.

(Click their pictures and you can follow them on IG)

We are also so thankful for all the ladies who applied to join the inaugural crew. We had over 100 applicants for the inaugural crew. You ladies are amazing and it was incredibly tough to sift through the entries. What an incredible way to show up and show out for Copper and Brass Paper Goods. We are thankful for each and every person that is a part of this big Copper and Brass Community. Though many ladies were not selected this time around just know that you too have something to add, whether you are in this inaugural crew or not. We need you here! Please keep showing up!

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