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More Greeting Cards, Less DMs

If this whole Covid-19 thing has taught us anything it has taught us the value of connecting and reconnecting with family and friends. We've all learned how to "survive" during this pandemic but we first need to relearn how to live.

For me, my perspective has changed on lots of things. The things I once valued a great deal don't hold a prominent place on my bucket list or to do list anymore. My new focus centers around togetherness, building and maintaining relationships. I feel a far deeper connection now with the people I love and value than I ever have before and it's comforting.

I say all of this to say, "Send a card this holiday season. It's a MUST".


  1. Taking the time to send a physical card shows you care (because you really do)! The picture above was my family's holiday card last year. We've made a little tradition of dressing up, taking pics and sending cards.

  2. Group text are annoying. Please leave me off that thread. I would much rather have a handwritten note and a beautiful card I can treasure for years to come. Tangible momentos are great.

  3. Do you believe in "Karma"? I know I do. Karma says, "You will probably get a card back."

  4. We have a beautiful collection of melanated greeting cards. Perfect for sending little love notes this holiday season.

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