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No More Hustle Culture (At Least Not Everyday)

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Lets face it we are constantly bombarded with images and content focusing on and promoting "Hustle Culture". While working hard is super important it can also be draining. We all need outlets and we all need to rest. The point of entrepreneurship for many of us is to not only to secure financial freedom but also freedom with our time and everyday lives.

I thought it would be fun to list some fun things you can do to recharge at the end of a long exhausting day. Check them out:

  1. Hot Shower: This is self-explanatory right? Wash the day and worries away.

  2. Enjoy Your Favorite Beverage: Brew a cup of tea, coffee or have a glass of wine. Just sit and sip. Calm those nerves.

  1. Family Time: If you're a mom then you have lots of family time but this time you get to choose. What do you like to do for fun with your family? Whatever it is-do that and do it as much as possible.

4. Journal: Write in your favorite journal. Get your thoughts on paper. Reflect today, tomorrow or in a month. Keep a journal to record your deepest thoughts, challenges and wins. Journaling is very therapeutic.

5. Color: Coloring isn't just for kids. No way and in fact it is very relaxing. We even have free coloring pages here at Copper and Brass Paper Goods. Subscribe to our email list and get monthly coloring pages every 1st of the month.

Relax after work. You don’t have to be on and going all the time. It’s more than okay to take time for yourself and chill out a little.

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