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Packaging Your Orders

After running my own website and Etsy shop for over 2.5 years now, I can tell you that the way you package your orders can make or literally break your products and relationships.

The ultimate goal here is to use our packaging to enhance a customers buying experience and as a result increase the likelihood of them purchasing again.

Let's talk about…


Including a layer of protection for fragile items is a no brainer, but even items that aren’t fragile should be encased in some sort of outer layer. Whether it be bubble wrap or a plastic or paper sleeve, encasing your non-fragile items decreases friction/contact with peanuts or whatever else is in the box (so keeping it neat) and makes your product look and feel more professional - a must if you’re serious about your shop.

For my stationery, I use plastic sleeves or cellophane bags. I got my affordable plastic sleeves from These help the items look neat and tidy when my customer receives their package. Best of all they are super affordable. It is important to keep your packaging affordable so it doesn't eat heavily into your profits. Another tip-order in bulk. You'll save on the back end.


The little extra’s you add and how much you spend on them can vary a but remember a little goes a long way. You don't have to go overboard and I actually believe "Less Can Be More".

Some Ideas:

  • Thank You Cards: Simple, cute and inexpensive yet effective add on.

  • Bookmarks: I own a stationery shop so bookmarks are great for readers and writers (most of my customer base). I order these in sets of 2000 every quarter so I can switch the designs out often.

  • Stickers: These are very inexpensive and who doesn't love a good sticker? Throw a few into each order and customers feel appreciated.

  • Custom Mailers and Colored Mailers: Make your packages stand out when they arrive at the customer's home. You don't have to have custom orders but try to find mailers in your brands colors. At the end of the day, the mailers will go in the trash but that added touch speaks volumes to customers. Check my mailers out here:

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