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Stop Wasting My Time...

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

We have all been there. Someone reaches out to you or needs your assistance. You make every effort to meet there need and/or wants then...they dont follow through or simply waste your time. LISTEN...My time is just as important as yours. The things I give my focus and energy to matter and should I decide to carve out time for you please make sure you appreciate those efforts.

Since founding Copper and Brass Paper Goods I have been bombarded with request from other entrepreneurs asking for help. I'm no expert but I will help as much as I can. I actually like helping people. It makes me genuinely happy to see others succeed. The best investments are in our people, our tribe, our friends, our network BUT this is not the time to be reckless with my kindness.

Ladies if you ask for help. SHOW UP. I mean it: Show Up ready to listen, learn and communicate. This is the time to speak up and again show up. Be timely. Be efficient. Be thankful. Lately, I have had the bad experience of people "wasting my time". It make me sad because time wasted is less time available for someone else who truly wants to collaborate and learn. Don't do that to others.

Going forward I'm doing things differently. These things will help me and hopefully other aspiring leaders.

  1. Book appointments through scheduling apps (Calendly, Honeybook, etc.) with guaranteed start time and end times. Have a strict attendance policy for meetings whether virtual or in person. No call no show=end of the collaboration.

  2. Talk to the other party and ensure they fully understand that they will do their own work, research, and anything else connected with their ideas. You can offer assistance but they have to get involved in their own success. Make sure the other party is steering the ship.

  3. If the other party doesn't commit to the work simply end the relationship. Relationships are reciprocal and not one sided. Lack of motivation, lack of drive are early signs that the relationship won't work.

  4. Set deadlines for tasks. If the other party doesn't meet the deadlines check on them. Why didn't you meet the deadline? Did you try? What hindered your progress? Do we need to reevaluate your goals and set new deadlines? Hold them accountable. Hold yourself accountable too.

  5. When the time is right stop allowing others to "pick your brain". Charge for your expertise. While I'm not there yet I do see this in my future. I've worked hard and have countless hours of experience sourcing products, working on product development, marketing, building websites and a little bit of everything else required for business operations. This toolbox of skills wasn't free and required so much sacrifice. I plan on charging my worth in the coming year.

What other suggestions do you have for building mutual beneficial relationships in business? How do you stop others from wasting your time? Do you waste your own time? How and why? Lets talk.

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