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Thanksgiving: It's Complicated

Thanksgiving is a complicated time for many of us. Most of us have complicated relationships within our families, and I know for some, this is a time when the loss of dear family members and friends is felt the most.

There is this narrative that surrounds the holidays — we are surrounded by ads, movies, and shows with images of perfect families sitting around a big expensive perfectly-cooked turkey, everyone smiling and content. It’s easy to wonder, “Am I the odd one one for having mixed feelings about this holiday?”

Whatever you are feeling, know that it’s okay to feel it and though it may not be comfortable—your feelings make sense and you are okay for having them. Be gentle with yourself and don’t forget your self-care practices—take breaks, take deep breaths, wear comfortable clothes and eat as much as you want. Whatever works for you. If this is a tough week for you, that is okay—I see you. And I’m offering support for your struggle, whatever it looks like.

Lets be gentle with ourselves today, feel what we need to feel, and try to give ourselves and each other a little extra grace, because there are a lot of us who need it a little more than usual right now. Remember it’s okay if this day, this season, this moment is not perfect. Make this day about joy, make this day about loving the people around you (even if from a distance), make this day about loving yourself, make this day about finding gratitude even in the midst of the crazy.


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