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Things You'll Need When Optimizing Your Product Packaging

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

People love neat, functional, and attractive packaging, regardless of the product. This includes packaging tape, customizable bubble mailers, branded stickers for sealing packages, and branded wall decals. The customization required will vary based on the product, but there are certain guidelines for good packaging across the board.

Key Features of Excellent Package Design:

  • Neatly Packaged Products - Wrapping the products in bubble wrap or other protective cushions can help the product stay intact no matter how far it's going. It matters that the product itself remains in great condition. Some people enjoy unboxing packages and find neatly packed products satisfying. At Copper and Brass Paper Goods, we use lots of bubble mailers to protect our products and ours were created by Sticker Mule. Cute and protective as you can see.

  • Functionality - Branded stickers are not only cute, but functional. We seal some of our packages with logo stickers thus preventing tampering while communicating a sense of safety to the customer. According to an infographic from online marketing expert Neil Patel, 85% of shoppers say that color is the primary reason for buying a product. Visual factors influence more than 90% of purchase decisions. So go that extra step to make your packages appealing to your customers. Maintaining a color palette similar to your brand's logo/theme can help create synergy between the brand and the product. The font used should also reflect the general vibe of the brand. Also, sticking to one to two fonts is advised, so the packaging maintains a uniform look. Check out some of our stickers we use on our products.

  • Consistency - Ensure packaging materials are always available so that customers can enjoy the same quality experience every time. Packaging supplies will run out from time to time, building a relationship with a specific supplier is recommended or at least find a supplier who ships super quick and efficiently. Our go to is Sticker Mule for custom packaging​ needs offering many packaging/branding solutions for entrepreneurs and companies. Their products include custom mailers, stickers, and t-shirts with a 4-day turnaround and free shipping.

And...If you really want to stay on brand and customize your workspace please check out Sticker Mule's awesome wall decals. Easy ordering process and application as well. Our wall decal is perfect in my office and brings together the overall look of the Copper and Brass Paper Goods brand.

Check out all of these products and more at

*All opinions are my own, although this is a sponsored post.*

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