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Ultimate 2021 Copper and Brass Paper Goods Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The 2021 Holiday Shopping Season is predicted to see monumental growth across sectors. Retailers are also predicting that shipping items to customers will take longer and be more chaotic than ever before due to worker shortages and the impact of Covid 19. If you can remember, 2020 shipping was a disaster. Stocking store shelves will also be challenging considering the backlogs at the shipping ports.

Have no fear, I'm here with a list of the Top "Giftable" products available from the one an only Copper and Brass Paper Goods.

Lets get started:

1. Goal Getter Bundle: Our Goal Getter Bundle has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Elfster and on Etsy. This bundle is perfect for any goal-oriented woman plus its a lot of bang for the buck. Each bundle includes an acrylic clipboard, purse sized notebook, matching notepad and coordinating sticky notes.

2. 2022 Wall Calendar: Because why not...Give her something to look ahead to the New Year. This beautiful wall calendar features our exclusive designs that celebrate our uniqueness and the hope that arises with every new year.

3. PENS, PENS, PENS: Beautiful pens are essential for every hard working career woman. They tends to write smoother and give a greater sense of purpose when signing those important documents. gifts, they are much better suited for commemorating special occasions because you wouldn't give your friend a Bic (Would ya?).

4. Spiral Hardcover Journals: Hardcover journals are great keepsakes. We tend to treasure our hardcovers a bit more than ordinary notebooks. Give the gift of creativity and inspiration.

5. Matching Tote Bags, Pouches and Keychains: Our tote bags are perfect for taking items commuting to and from the office, a day out with your girls and overall our bags are very versatile. Add our matching pouch and keychain if you really want to get noticed.

6. Notebooks: Our notebooks are perfect for gifting as the price is just right and every notebook holds a special purpose for the gift giver and receiver. Help everyone on your list stay on track with these adorable afrocentric notebooks that are great writers, planners, and dreamers.

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