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Understanding Yourself is The Key to a Better Life

Women across the globe are encouraging other women to take time for themselves. It’s not just a luxury or selfishness, it’s necessary for deeper relationships and greater influence. Nikki Giovanni said, “If you don’t understand yourself then you don’t understand anyone else”.

If you never take time for yourself, you won’t be able to put the mental energy out on self-reflection and learning who you truly are.

So many women end up becoming this person that other people need them to be, or worse, want them to be. Instead of giving in to their passions and true self, they suppress it to make sure others are cared for or appeased.

Instead of denying who you are, making it a priority to understand yourself is so important. It’s the foundation of understanding other people. When you don’t look beneath the surface of your own soul, how will you know how to dig deeper into others?

Here are a few ways to understand yourself:

1. Take a Personality Test

Personality tests will reveal things about yourself that you didn’t know what unique to you. When you stay in your own mind and never venture outside of it, every thought and action you have seems standard. A personality test will help you see your tendencies and why you handle things the way you do.

2. Journal: Matter of Fact Use one of Our Journals

Writing down your thoughts has a lot of therapeutic benefits, but it also can help you organize you with what you are thinking. When you’re writing, it’s not as easy to let your mind wander off to your to-do list.

3. Identify Your Values

Maybe you have been told you have to align your values one way or another. If you’ve never sat down and truly thought through your personal values, you should. This will give you a lot of insight into understanding yourself.

Make it a priority to get to know who you are so you can have deeper relationships and greater influence in the world.

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