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Wall Calendars and Desk Calendars are Beneficial Sis!

There’s something soothing about a wall calendar. It never moves; it’s always there, organized, and waiting to prove to me that my schedule isn’t that overwhelming.

Everything is broken up into neatly organized boxes, which makes everything feel under control.The act of putting pen to paper is like putting a mental sticky note in my mind; if I write something down, it’s more likely to stick with me than if I type it into my phone. Beyond that, looking at my phone calendar has never been second nature, so during my calendar-less years, keeping up with events became more difficult. I knew about big things, work-related things, but I’d occasionally, unintentionally, miss smaller things. I love having a daily planner that's portable but I find that I need both. A calendar for my bag and when I'm on the go in addition to my home based desk and/or wall planner.

While we don't "YET" have a portable daily, weekly or monthly life planner available we do carry our very first desk and wall calendar full of beautiful artwork done in the Copper and Brass Paper Goods manner. Don't wait until 2022...Grab your calendar today. By the way, we have lots of undated planner options at

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