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What's In Your Gift Trunk?

If you are anything like me you are constantly finding the perfect gift for someone but really have no place to put it and the occasion may be several months away so you end up passing on the item. Well I found the solution for this dilemma! Yes, a real bonafide solution. A Gift Trunk.

Well your special place could be a box, a trunk or even a small closet. Wherever it is just know it is the perfect place to put all those great finds throughout the year. Make sure the location you choose is suitable for hiding gifts (yes hiding).

Now here is the fun part...stock up on seasonal sales during the year and you'll be ready when the holiday, birthdays or showers come around. At Copper and Brass Paper Goods, we are all about gifting and we have the right products to get your Gift Trunk organized and ready for gifting.

So what do you need to get your Gift Trunk started?

3. Gifts Of Course!

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