With JUNETEENTH around the corner, let us choose to focus on the  beauty and resilience of the Black community, and we see no better way than by sharing this stunning new notebook that highlights the true Black Experience. Our history started as Kings and Queens not as enslaved people so why not highlight that fact. 

We also know that we must continue working toward racial equity tomorrow and each day afterwards. That while we may only play a small part in this movement, it is our responsibility to use our words and actions mindfully, and encourage those in our community to do the same.

So this coming JUNETEENTH join us in celebrating the Black artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and all other members of your own community, and tomorrow, join us in continuing to be an ally on the side of justice.


Leatherette Journal. Size: A5 (5.5x8.5) Pages: 96 Sheets (192 pages front and back)

Queen Hardbound Journal