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About Ariel

Chief Paper Pusher 

Ariel (pronounced R-E-EL) Young was born before the famous mermaid of the same name, but she had dreams just as big growing up. As the founder and President of Copper and Brass Paper Goods, Ariel cultivated a love for all things paper, details and pretty little things as a child. While some teens work their first jobs as a babysitter or in fast food, Ariel wrapped gifts in a department store. At home, her mother’s homemade gift baskets and beautifully wrapped packages for family and friends provided much of the inspiration Ariel relies on today.  

After graduating from Spelman College, with a degree in Political Science, she became a Psychologist, but never lost her love for gifts professionally presented or office supplies with flair. Ariel started Copper & Brass Paper Goods in 2018 after noticing a lack of diversity in the paper goods industry. She started with wrapping paper and put her company on the map with a Black Santa gift wrap. From there, her business grew to include custom notebooks, pens, pouches and an assortment of office supplies featuring Black imagery. A self-taught entrepreneur, Ariel learned about shipping, design and marketing on her own.


Today, her company has the licenses to nearly half of all of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the country.  Her cache of products includes custom notebooks, pens, sticky pads, greeting cards and more. When not contemplating her next design, Ariel enjoys traveling and reading (newspapers, not books). She lives in South Georgia with her husband and young son.

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