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Benefits of Coloring

The trend of coloring has passed beyond children and it has become a cherished activity for adults due to several benefits that colorings brings! Coloring Books/Sheets for adults are different from those designed solely for children. They have complex designs, characters, shapes, and forms. The offerings are diverse and may require you to fine tune your coloring skills and improve them in the long run!

Art therapists from around the world agree on the fact that coloring help to reduce stress and promote the mental health of adults. Their busy lives and tiring work culture may cause them to fall into depression or lack of sleep; yet, a simple activity of coloring can bloom positivity into everyone's life.

On that note, I've written some interesting benefits of coloring. Lets dive into them!

1. Coloring works like meditation

The simple meaning of meditation is to focus on the present. When the mind is no longer aware of the past or the future, your senses relax and improve brain function. The same happens when you are coloring. Your immediate focus is to fill in color precisely, and the mind is lured into a strange dilemma. For those 15-20 minutes, you forget about the stressful day at work or the uncertain job in the future. Your mind is focused on the present, and thus researchers agree that coloring may act as a form of meditation.

2. Coloring at night promotes better sleep.

Coloring before bed has more than one benefit. Most adults are busy during the day, so they prefer coloring before bedtime. Our sleep cycle works according to the melatonin release, and the Circadian Rhythm.

Melatonin is the sleep-promoting hormone in our body, whereas circadian rhythm is like a natural clock that is built inside us. When the body is exposed to blue light emission from mobile phones or television during nighttime, the Circadian Rhythm reduces the flow of Melatonin to avoid sleep because it is tricked into believing that it's still daytime, and the body is not supposed to sleep.

However, if you replace this activity with coloring at night, the brain calms down and increases the flow of melatonin. This simple activity of a few minutes can help you to sleep better because you not only avoided blue light but also meditated and promoted creativity!

3. Enhances your focus by activating the frontal lobe

When it comes to the frontal lobe, it is one of the 4 lobes inside our brain. Each lobe is responsible for different functions, yet the frontal lobe takes care of structuring, organizing, and problem-solving. Coloring helps you to calm down and allows the frontal lobe to do its job without any disruptions from the outside world. After each coloring session, you will feel a positive change within yourself due to the frontal lobe working in full flow!

4. Motor skills are improved

Adult coloring books have complex designs and characters. They are made to enhance the skill set of the artist, and thus they provide smaller spaces to fill. When coloring sharp edges, spirals, and new designs, our mind temporarily forgets all other hassles and focuses on the task at hand. This improves our motor skills and the eye-to-hand connection works in a proper rhythm. It can be said that this benefit of coloring is similar in adults as well as children.

5. A perfect activity to reduce anxiety and stress

If you're experiencing any of the above problems in your day-to-day life, then turning to this new activity will be a great form of self-care! Research show that coloring complex pieces or intricate designs can have a better impact on stress management. The brain focuses on detailed coloring, thus allowing the frontal lobe to work on the problem-solving part. We are then overwhelmed with a wave of positivity, just like meditation, and thus it helps to manage stress and reduce anxiety.

To conclude it all,

It can be stated that coloring works as a form of therapy for many people. From reducing stress and anxiety to enhancing creativity, coloring has gained popularity amongst adults. Our busy lives burden our minds with the hassles of each day, yet a few minutes of this helpful activity can strengthen our mindset towards our day-to-day problems. A common problem of adulthood is lack of sleep. It may be a result of stress or exposure to blue lights. Sparing some 'Me Time' every day can relax your senses, and promote the release of melatonin. When this habit develops over time, one may notice that along with all the other benefits, their creativity has found a path to develop. Now is the time to grab the most eye-catching coloring sheets and start right away!

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