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Set Some Boundaries

Within the last year I have embraced setting boundaries. I was once that girl that loved saying "Yes" to everything but I was spread too too thin. Now, I say "No" and I stand firm on it. Saying "No" to something or someone else normally means saying "Yes" to my own needs.

Setting boundaries has taught me that my feelings and mental health are just as important as the feelings of others. Boundaries help build better relationships and avoid resentment and/or frustrations with others. The boundaries I've implemented within my work, family relationships, mothering style and friendships have truly helped alleviate stress and I am a better version of myself.

A few of my boundaries:

-No social media/work when I'm engaged in a family activity. Family time is off limits.

-Dont open texts during work hours unless I've completely finished the task I'm working on. Otherwise, I end up making a 10 minute project an hour long affair.

-Grown up time is a must. I've learned it does not make me a bad mother to crave alone time or adult time. I value this time. I'm the best version of myself when all of my relationships thrive. Having a set bedtime for my son is the key on this one.

-Im an introvert. I enjoy being alone. I crave this time. I dont apologize for needing my space and asking for it too. If I don't want to attend an event-I politely decline.

-Dropping what I'm working on to help someone else with something they need is a No No! Poor planning on someone else's behalf is not my emergency. Not my monkey, not my circus.

-I can and will help anyone but not to my detriment. If helping you puts me in a bad position-I will just say "No". No explanation needed for this one.

These are only a few of my personal boundaries but there are more. Setting these boundaries have helped increase my confidence and I don't compromise my values for other people.

What boundaries do you need most at the moment? Do you have boundaries that are extremely important to your mental and physical well being?

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