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She Leveled Up: Acacia Corson of Badder Body

Today we bring to you Acacia Corson of Badder Body!

Please tell us more about your business. 

Badder Body, a beacon of quality clean self-care in Seattle, has been transforming beauty routines for the past seven years. The brand's journey began with a frustration familiar to many – the struggle to find a product that could effectively moisturize newly natural hair. Enter Acacia, the visionary behind Badder Body, who not only found a solution but turned it into a thriving business.The cornerstone of Badder Body's success is its signature Body Butter, a product that started as a personal remedy and evolved into a community favorite. From addressing the dry and brittle struggles of natural hair, Badder Body's Body Butters became a sensation, earning attention from King 5 News and Converge Media for their transformative moisturizing capabilities, catering from 'Fro to Flo’. In 2020, Badder Body took its well-deserved place in the beauty industry, establishing its flagship shop at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall and showcasing at various trade shows across the Puget Sound region.

As the brand flourished, so did its product offerings. Badder Body expanded beyond its beloved Body Butters to introduce a diverse range, including Roll-On Fragrances, Hair and Beard Oils, and Candles. The signature scents, carefully curated from community favorites, have now grown into an extensive collection, offering both pre-formulated fragrances and the opportunity for thousands of custom blends. Badder Body continues to redefine self-care, proving that innovation and community-centric products remain at the heart of their journey.


How is your business different from other businesses? Why should people support your business?


Our uniqueness shines through not only in the formulation of our products but also in the essence of our brand expression! Beyond delivering top-notch product performance, we distinguish ourselves by embracing sustainability at every turn, opting for recyclable packaging, and selecting clean, vegan ingredients. While many self-care and wellness brands tend to adopt a neutral and muted approach, our brand exudes vibrancy on multiple fronts. Our packaging bursts with bright and bold colors, our fragrances are nothing short of expressive, and our language is infused with a playful and personal touch. In the realm of body care, we proudly stand as the Funtie (fun auntie), injecting a sense of joy and personality that sets us apart from the competition.


Ok now lets focus on the fun side of business. What's playing on your playlist right now? How about when you need to level up? What gets you hype?


I have entire playlist full of songs to get me to that vibe! Right now the one that’s doing it the most for me is Float by Janelle Monae.


What are you most proud of with regards to the business? Why?


What fills me with the most pride about my business is the constant elevation fueled by my resilience. Seeing myself overcome challenges time and time again brings a deep sense of accomplishment. Whether it's the evolving label designs, refined formulations, or improved processes, witnessing the growth of what I create is truly gratifying. The wisdom I gather on this journey is something I hold dear, and the fact that it has positively impacted others makes me immensely proud. It's not just about the business; it's about the personal and collective growth that makes every step of this journey profoundly meaningful.


Owning a business can be challenging. Can you share a major challenge you've had and how you have overcome or plan to overcome the obstacles?


The most significant hurdle I'm navigating revolves around finding the right blend of qualities to scale my business. Over seven years, a crucial lesson learned is that going solo only takes my venture so far. The challenge lies in identifying the right support. While hiring someone seems like the logical step, the vetting process is intensive to ensure the perfect fit, avoiding financial missteps. Exploring partnerships with local stores is one avenue, and the serendipitous email from Copper and Brass Paper Goods, featuring businesswomen in their newsletter, aligns perfectly with my recent efforts to elevate my brand positioning. This synchronicity will fuel my momentum as I step into the action phase of this strategic move toward growth.


Being a woman in business presents its own unique issues. How has being a woman positively impacted the entrepreneurial journey?


Being a woman has uniquely prepared me for the challenges of owning and operating a business on various fronts. The wage gap prevalent in traditional workplaces has been a driving force, pushing me to explore alternative avenues to secure my financial independence.Moreover, women often find themselves overlooked in corporate decision-making, fostering in me a keen ability to observe, gather insights, and formulate comprehensive plans that resonate and seemingly emerge out of nowhere. Juggling motherhood, where the cost of childcare can significantly impact earnings, has spurred my creativity in pursuing non-traditional income streams.Drawing from my upbringing, where my mom took charge of household finances and orchestrated family plans, I learned the art of resource management, strategic planning, and option assessment. This environment cultivated my ability to navigate through available resources and develop effective plans.Furthermore, the dual ability to be relatable to one half of the population and employ a woman's charm to engage the other half adds a unique layer to my business approach. These collective experiences as a woman not only shape my entrepreneurial journey but also contribute to a distinctive perspective that enriches the way I own and operate my business.


GOALS: What are they?


My foremost business objective over the next five years is to relaunch my community wellness center. This space was a haven where I showcased emerging local brands, offered diverse self-care services such as yoga, cultural dance, and makers sessions, and orchestrated meaningful events that united the community. The success of this venture created a utopia, and my goal is to recreate that transformative experience once more.


Can you share the best advice you've been given while owning your business?


The most impactful advice I've received is: "You are the author of your life story, so write it the way you want it to be read." This has a universal application, and influences every aspect of my life. When I encounter mistakes or failures, it prompts me to ask, "Will this be how the chapter end, or am I gonna give the people a triumphant story?" This perspective provides the motivation to navigate through challenges, striving to create a resolution that reflects my intentions. Even if it's not flawless, the emphasis is on giving my best and making a valiant effort – because, in the end, that's what truly matters.


How have you Leveled up? Give us an example of a time when you've been bold.


My boldest business move unfolded when I decided to launch a brick-and-mortar retail store within a mere 30 days on short notice, evolving into something far beyond my initial expectations.The journey began when I applied for a local program sponsoring leases for vacant commercial spaces. The catch was a 90-day trial, with the possibility of a six-month extension and the option to negotiate a lease takeover. After applying and facing uncertainty for months, I suddenly learned I had been matched with a property. Despite the lack of detailed preparation, I seized the opportunity and acquired the keys within a week. Now, with a retail space beneath a million-dollar condominium, I had 90 days to prove I could sustain it.Partnering with a fellow business owner, we initially aimed to create a self-care-focused retail space but ended up birthing something much more profound—a thriving community wellness center. Our space became a haven where people felt safe, seen, and engaged in learning and fun. The impact was so significant that local news featured us within the first 90 days.This move was bold because it emerged unexpectedly, relying on a vague plan and minimal preparation. By embracing the opportunity, I discovered my own strength. The experience highlighted the power of belief, determination, and collaboration, revealing that I could tackle challenges far greater than I initially believed possible. This move wasn't just bold; it was a revelation of my ability to navigate uncharted territories and come out on top.

How can our community reach you?



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