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She Leveled Up: Dr. Alison Harris Welcher of THRIVE Life Coaching

Mantra to Live By: "Progress over perfection."

Dr. Welcher: Please tell us about your business, THRIVE Life Coaching. What does the business entail?


We believe that being a professional working mother is more than just surviving day to day. It's about thriving in all aspects of your life, experiencing growth, fulfillment, and success. For working professional Black and Brown mothers, this means striking a delicate balance between multiple responsibilities while actively pursuing personal and professional goals. It entails finding harmony between career aspirations, parenting duties, maintaining relationships and self-care practices. Thriving also involves making a positive impact in one's chosen field, while simultaneously acknowledging and overcoming systemic barriers. By recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced as Black and Brown women, we strive to create a path towards holistic well-being, purpose, and joy in the midst of life's complexities.


We offer a signature 8 week program. Thrive Life Coaching (TLC) Groups are uniquely designed to support a small group of professional mothers of color each quarter of the year through an 8-week program. Our program brings together a group of like-minded executive mothers of color who are seeking clarity around what and who may be holding them back from thriving.


Each cohort meets weekly for intentional discussion through interactive virtual sessions that allow for learning and weekly reflection and planning. ​


This is all so interesting. I'm sure our readers could benefit from participating in this program. Why should our readers choose your program? There are many programs and courses available these days. What sets your program apart from others?


TLC seeks to address the intersectionality of professional Black and Brown moms. While executive coaching is available for those in leadership positions and life coaching is also common, rarely do we find the intersection of executive and life coaching together to address the unique challenges and barriers that black and brown women face in the workplace as mothers. THRIVE Life coaching is unique in that the founder and CEO takes her 15 years of experience in coaching leaders and her personal experience as a mom to provide to strategies and support for this unique community of women. Further, black and brown moms do not always have access to executive coaching due to limitations in their professional careers.


Thanks for giving sharing how your program differs from what is already on the market. Lets discuss something a bit more fun. We love music around here. What song do you listen to when it's time to LEVEL UP, the song that keeps you motivated and inspired?


Honestly, the calming nature of R&B jazz music helps to center me and drowns out the extra noise so that I can get focused and level up.


Awesome. I can appreciate the R&B vibes. Now lets get a bit more personal. Share your story. Who are you? Why did you start your business?


In January 2020, I delivered my first son. The week I returned from maternity leave, the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, my husband and I were caring for our newborn while we both worked from home. Like so many families, we struggled to find balance and were exhausted. As a high-performing professional before motherhood and pre-pandemic, I struggled immensely to find my grounding. As the world grappled with uncertainty and fear, I found myself navigating uncharted territory as a new mother, overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility while working full-time as a senior leader at a consulting firm. 


Amidst the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, I went through a remarkable transformation. Determined to channel my experiences into something meaningful, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Through my own struggles, I recognized the immense need for support, guidance, and empowerment among black and brown women navigating the complexities of motherhood while also leading professional careers. Driven by a deep sense of purpose, I became a life coach dedicated to uplifting and empowering fellow black and brown mothers grappling with similar challenges.I recognize the unique challenges and societal pressures women like me face, who strive to excel in their careers while navigating the complexities of motherhood and leadership in their families and communities. 


​ Now, as a mother of two toddlers, leading in my community and professionally, with a newfound expertise and a heart filled with compassion, I am creating a safe space for Black and Brown women, offering them the tools, strategies, and unwavering support needed to navigate the unique obstacles that we face as professional working moms. Through my coaching, I help women identify their ideal lives and develop new habits, but I also encourage them to embrace rest and joy to THRIVE in their roles as mothers and professionals. My story is a testament to the power of transformation and the ability to grow and transform even amidst the most challenging circumstances.


Building and creating spaces where women are thriving and not surviving now that's definitely something to be proud of. What makes you most proud about your business?


I am proud that I have leveraged my networks and asked for help to build this business. I am quite an independent woman and well educated, but very early on, I realized I needed help. I recognize that I am a fish out of water in this area. I have a vision, but in order to get to where I want to go, I have realized that there are others who have expertise in areas that I do not have.I am grateful and proud of myself to be able to use a social media strategist a business coach and friends who are entrepreneurs to help give me advice.


Asking for help can be so challenging for women but you challenged that narrative and asked for what you needed. I'm hoping our readers are taking notes.


Business isn't always rainbows and sunshine. What are some challenges your business is currently facing?


Right now, I think there are two obstacles that my business faces. First, I am an educator by trade. This is my first experience as an entrepreneur so I am learning a lot about how business works, as well as how to promote my business in a social media environment. The second challenge that I see is that executive and life coaching are services that folks do not always know about. It certainly is a luxury for someone to seek help from someone else to help to navigate life. I have the challenge of building awareness for black and brown moms who work in professional environments that this is support that is available to them.


Its interesting that you identified learning and navigating social media as a challenge. Does your business have an online presence? Where can we find you? We want to support you?



Are you bold in business? How have you been bold and LEVLED UP?


This may not be bold in others eyes, but for me it is. I am new to using social media and so it’s been quite bold for me to put myself out there personally to share this vision and brand that I have. I am working on using Instagram more frequently and using lives as a method to share my story, and to promote my brand.


I'd say you are being bold whenever you step outside of your comfort zone.


What's the best advice anyone has given you with regards to business?


The best advice I have received is to put yourself out there. Not everyone is going to support you, but if you don’t put yourself out there, those who will will not have the opportunity to support you. So just get out there.


Just Do It! I agree! Last question, could you please give other business owners or future business owners some advice?


My advice would be if you have a dream in your heart do not play small. Be courageous and do it scared. I believe that God gives us the skills and talents and dreams to achieve the things of our heart.


Love it! Go Big or Go Home.



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