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Advice for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

I am often asked for advice from aspiring female entrepreneurs and I love it. It makes me so happy to see other women dreaming big and working hard. Being intentional about time is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to fast track towards your dreams.

I stumbled upon this quote and I couldn't agree more and I just had to share it with you.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

I think many new entrepreneurs look at other entrepreneurs journeys, who are further along, and want to be where they are. It's easy to get impatient, I know. But I truly believe that if you start where you are, not comparing yourself to others, and start with your passion or something you love doing then you will have completed the hardest part which is simply just starting. It's important to use what you have. This might be the one thing I want you to listen to the most: do not go into debt before you even know the demand of your product or idea. Do not go buy the fancy new computer. Do not buy the fancy new desk. You don't need them. What you need to do is focus on opening your business and making that first sale. Get that making sales part down really, really well and then go buy the fancy desk. Lastly, try to do what you can in the beginning and not hire everything out. This is important for two reasons: when you do hire help, you will have worn every single hat of your business and will know it like the back of your hand. I refer to myself as the owner, packager, shipper and the janitor. The second reason is most businesses starting out don't have the budget for additional employees so try to do as much as you can on your own, get as many sales as you can and build up your business.

Cheers to making dreams happen! ---Ariel

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