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Mini Notebooks are Fun, Easy and Practical

I'm convinced that our Mini Notebooks are your best friend. The one that keeps your secrets, reminds you what to grab at the store, and even listens when you’re too stressed. We have a couple of Mini Notebooks and they have proven to be helpful, functional, and always beautiful. If you’re on the go and don’t want to bring your larger notebooks, simply bring a Mini Notebook and transfer the info later. If you’re needing a space to get thoughts out of your head, let your Mini Notebook take them from you!

Here are 10 different ways that we love to use our Mini Notebooks:

  1. Lists, Lists, and More Lists. Listmakers you need a Mini Notebook.

  2. Brain dumps/Bed Dumps: I get the best ideas randomly in the middle of the night. Keep a notebook and pen beside your bed for these midnight hour thoughts and ideas.

  3. Meeting Notes. How many times are you heading out to a meeting and need to grab a notebook? Well these are perfect. Not too big and not too bulky. Transfer the deets later.

  4. On the Go Budget and Finance Tracker: Track those grocery store and pharmacy runs. Make managing your finances on the go a bit easier.

  5. Password keeper: We all have 101 passwords nowadays. Store all of the passwords in the cute notebooks and throw it in your bag for safe keeping and easy accessibility.

  6. Health and wellness tracker

  7. Perpetual calendar of birthdays and anniversaries. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or special occasion. Dedicate one notebook for tracking these special moments.

  8. Wishlist for gifts – to give or receive. Kinda self-explanatory!

  9. Favorite quotes – inspiring and motivational! I think it’s a great idea to keep a notebook with your favorite quotations in. I’ve collected quotes that inspire me forever and ever, but just recently dedicated a special Mini Notebook for them. When I need a bit of inspiration I just grab my notebook.

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