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Please Don’t Take It Personal

I'm an introvert and I'm pretty sure many of you are also. Society pressures us to go, go, go and to immerse ourselves in every activity with everybody. If you are anything like me in these highly stimulating situations you feel drained, overwhelmed and may find it hard to enjoy the experience.

(Picture of me on a day of shopping and enjoying my own company)

My body craves alone time and I thrive after periods of rest, relaxation and intense recharge. I call this my introverted self-care plan. Sometimes, I enjoy getting dressed and just taking myself out for a day of shopping and coffee but there are days when I just want to stay in my bed and binge watch bad tv.

I’ve tried explaining my “introvertedness” to extroverts and they never “get it”. Some take offense when others want to be alone or ask for space but this isn’t done to hurt anyone and instead it is an act of self-love. It’s my way of saying, “I love me and I need this to function well.”

I crave solitude and peace. Solitude eases my stress and anxiety. It is in these moments that I’m able to acknowledge and process my thoughts that I am not necessarily comfortable sharing with others. I can release all feelings and emotions well without feeling rushed or as though I’m bothering others.

Surprisingly, I actually love going to a good party, catching up with friends, being out and about plus it excites me and makes me feel alive; however, I also love my downtime at home reading, writing, creating and always dreaming.

I can honestly say that whether I stay home or go out really depends on my mood or the situation BUT the vast majority of the time, as in about 90% of the time, I am perfectly content staying home by myself or with one or two people I love. I would choose staying home or maybe doing something in a small, intimate environment, over a loud event, dinner, or party any day.

There has always been stigma around “Introverts” but everyone isn’t an extrovert. Society doesn’t celebrate introverts. There is also this ideas that introverts are shy and withdrawn. This is far from the truth for most. I love meeting new folks and I’m very comfortable in a room full of strangers. Ask anyone-I’ll strike up a conversation with the best of em’. I just need time to recharge but that time is typically spent alone. Overall, I’d love to see the stigma gone and it starts by better understanding yourself and the people in your life. So the next time a good friend declines your offer to go out or ask for a bit of space-try not to take it personal. It’s truly not about you.

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