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She Leveled Up: Mrs. Felicia Alexander Branch

Mrs. Branch, you are a serial entrepreneur with several businesses. Please tell us about your businesses, Dependable Angel Services/Black Angel Publishing & Media/Urban Chic Chatter Podcast. What does the business entail?


Dependable Angel Services teaches others how to save money in all aspects of life such as couponing. Black Angel Publishingz & Media under Mrs. Felicia Alexander-Branch on Amazon teaches others how to self-publish books composition books and other media products. Urban Chic Chatter Podcast on Spotify and IHeartRadio has conversations about self-care, networking, and ways to side hustles.


What makes your business unique? What sets you apart from your competition?


Dependable Angel Services stands out by focusing on teaching comprehensive money-saving strategies across various life aspects. Working with Kim Dooley with PaidForYourSay on creating and completing high-paid surveys and other studies. Urban Chic Chatter Podcast distinguishes itself through discussions on self-care and networking. Black Angel Publishingz & Media's uniqueness lies in its emphasis on teaching both self-publishing and graphic design. This combination of financial education, self-care, networking, and creative skills sets these ventures apart in the realm of entrepreneurship.


Tell us more about you. What inspired you to become a small business owner, and what motivates you?


As a serial entrepreneur, my inspiration to become a small business owner was the need for help within my community as I was watching people not understand the importance of saving money. The prospect of pursuing a passion, the desire for financial independence, and the opportunity to make a positive impact in my community was my motivation.


What is the biggest obstacle or challenge that your business faces?


Balancing work-life with family obligations. Securing funding, managing cash flow, and dealing with unexpected expenses. Adapting to technological changes is crucial for staying competitive.


How has being a woman equipped you for owning and operating a business?


Being a woman has equipped me to be very patient and caring about myself and others. Owning multiple businesses is a great opportunity to show others that it can be done as a woman of color. Being a woman has given me benefits with networking opportunities and the ability to stand out in multiple niches.


What is your top business goal in the next 5 years?


Revenue growth: Increasing sales and revenue is my fundamental goal for sustainability for a business success. Brand building: Enhancing Brand visibility and reputation through strategic marketing and public efforts. Financial Stability: Maintaininga strong financial position with healthy cash flow and profitability.


How do you balance your entrepreneurial life with friends that don’t understand the challenges we experience?


I communicate my work schedule to my friends and I let them know the demands of my business. I let them know I may not be available all the time. So I plan for time with my friends away from business.


What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business?


Use passion and purpose to choose a business they are passionate about and align with their values. Have a sense of purpose and can sustain through challenges. Conduct a thorough market research to understand the industry. Have a solid business plan with goals, target market, and financial projections. Networking to build strong contacts within their industry. Understand the legal considerations such as licensing, permits, and regulations to better support the business.


What is the best advice you've been given? Why did this advice resonate with you?


The best advice I was given was to be you and network with others within your niche. This advice resonated with me because it was instilled in me by my late parents, Mr. Bernard Alexander, Sr & Mrs. Emily Polidore Alexander.


What would you say, thus far, has been your boldest business move? Why was it a bold move? How did you "Level Up"?


The boldest business move was to run multiple businesses at one time in different niches. It was a bold move because it made me accountable and standing strong in my purpose. I "Level Up" with putting God and the Universe first and listening to the missions I am assigned daily and years to coming with obedience. And the "Level Up" is that when you just let things take their course your livelihood will be peaceful.


What's your favorite thing to do during your free time?


My favorite thing to do in my free time is to spend time with friends and family.


What mantra do you live by?


I don't necessaily have a mantra but I do have some wellness practices. I love yoga because it deals with calming the mind, keeps infection away, improves immunity, strengthens the mind, keeps depression at bay, and gives the skin a glow.


What are you most proud of about your business? Why?


I am most proud of my businesses because they will be long lasting legacies for my family with sustainably. And the businesses will continue to be a household name.


What song do you listen to when you need to Level Up meaning get motivated and pumped?


My Level Up song is "Hogg in the Game" by Pimp C and UGK because I'm a boss with a with one path to keep leveling up. 


Thanks so much for your time. How can we find you?


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