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Thoughtful Valentines Day Ideas

In my mind, Valentines Day isn't really about romance or being romantic-it is a day to celebrate LOVE. Yes we realize that Valentines Day is purely a commercial holiday for many and that we should show love daily but despite this knowledge most of us still celebrate the day. With that in mind, love looks different for each of us. It's love for yourself and love for others too. The key to good gift giving is being a good listener. Good listeners give thoughtful gifts that matter way more than expensive gifts.

Here are a few suggestions:

Hardbound Journals: Giving a cute journal would make a great gift! Write a letter on the first page so your friend/partner is reminded of you every time they open it.

Greeting Cards: There’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten note from someone you love! It’s simple, but it’s such a sweet way to express how much someone really means to you.

Compact Mirror: Tell her she's beautiful without saying she's beautiful. These beautiful compact mirrors are perfect for the little ladies in your life too. Black is beautiful. Make sure she knows it.

Motivational Pens: Help to motivate the women you love. These pens are the definition of bright and motivational. Pair this set with a notepad and you've got the perfect pieces for a colorful and inspirational work space.

Tote Bag: Everyone can benefit from some self-care from time to time, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give a loved one–or yourself! Stuff a tote bag full of everything they’ll need to pamper themselves. Some suggestions would be lotions, snacks, comfy socks and other fun things.

Goal Getter Bundle: Everyone knows a goal-getter! The only way to conquer any day: coffee and positive vibes! Grab this clipboard and matching notepad for the Goal Getters in your life.

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