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You Ain't Crazy...Your Mental Health Matters

SIS! Lets be real...we often times lose focus out here trying to manage our home, take care of kids, take care of our significant others, working corporate jobs and some of us even have our own businesses. ITS A WHOLE LOT! While we are trying to take care of all the things and secure the bag we are losing in more ways than one. Sis you can't fall apart trying to keep everyone and everything else together. Your mental health and wellness matters.

You have to admit there are challenges you need to address. You are always taking on new projects and situations, lending a helping hand and being a shoulder to cry on. Am I right? Probably!

Sis you are divine, magnificent in everyday but even you need a break and I'm not even talking self-care but regular maintenance. Slow down, breathe and check on your mental health. The history of the black women is ladened with stories of our women "broken" by the challenges of juggling family, community and ultimately preservation of the "Strong Black" woman narrative. We have ignored our own needs due to negative stigma, lack of resources and knowledge regarding mental wellness.

I'm a firm believer in talking to someone and a lot of times we benefit most from having Black Women Therapists due to our shared experiences. Here are my suggestions:

  1. If you dont mind sharing your need with others...ask a trusted friend who they use?

  2. Check online directories made available through your insurance agency

  3. Go Virtual. Not sure if you want to venture into the office well try a virtual session first.

  4. Explain your need to your therapist during the initial consultation. If they can't relate just move on to another therapist. You need someone who hears your voice from a similar perspective.

Are you experiencing fatigue or mental fog? Your wellness experience is both inside and out. Detoxing mind and body are equally important. Here's how to detox your mind:

  1. Disconnect. Take a break from social media. Spend a few days without connecting. Turn off your AirPods too. Be very intentional with your time and energy. Breathe deep while taking a walk. Consume yourself with only positive thoughts.

  2. Mediate. Use this time to focus on only one thing. We are so consumed with finishing one task only to rush to the next daunting task. Slow down and concentrate on one thing that is a priority. Mediate deeply on this topic for at least 15 minutes everyday for a week. This exercise will help you learn to tune out distractions and stop multitasking. You deserve to prioritize things in your life.

  3. Journal. You need to commit to a complete brain dump. Get all of your worries and frustrations down on paper. Dedicate a special journal for all of your "MESS". This is your opportunity to unload. Go into great detail. Once you close your journal let those thoughts go. Hopefully this will free your mind of all of the "bad" and free up space for all the "good".

If you enjoyed this blog post, leave a comment down below and let me know how you take care of your mental health and wellness.

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